Director for Place and Climate Change
North Norfolk District Council

Candidate information


Thank you for expressing an interest in this role, which will place the successful candidate at the heart of our growth, prosperity and climate adaptation in the coming years.

North Norfolk is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of England, with 45 miles of world-renowned coastline as well as stunning countryside, charming market towns and ancient villages: the quality of life is exceptional. As a consequence, considerations around development and growth in the district are very important to residents and elected members. Our new Director will provide exceptional professional knowledge and advice on how we strike the optimal balance for prosperity and a brighter future.

Our revised Local Plan is due to come to members this summer, and (once approved) runs until 2036. This will provide an excellent, agreed framework on which we will build for the coming decade and more. Everything we do must also be considered in the light of the declaration of Climate Emergency, made by the Council in April 2019. We understand that this must be a meaningful, practical commitment to think, plan and do differently, and we’ll look to our new Director to innovate, exemplify and encourage this change of perspective.

This year has been so challenging that it’s sometimes been difficult to remember that local government thinks and plans in decades. In this role, you’ll lay foundations that could last for half a century; and I look forward to sharing the task with you.

Steve Blatch
Steve Blatch
Chief Executive, North Norfolk DC